Flowers 101: Seasonal Availability

Flowering Branches 

Our global world has greatly increased the availability of blooms that were once relegated to a single season, sometimes lasting only a few short weeks. In my years in the industry I've seen the changes, the seasons running together, making design proposals both easier and a little more difficult. If you love peonies but have your heart set on a January winter wedding you can still have your favorite flower, shipped from New Zealand or Australia. Ranunculus have become a favorite and are available almost year-round whereas they were once only available for a few months. 

As Spring approaches the flower market will be filled with flowering branches. Forsythia, Dogwood, Cherry, Apple and Lilac among others. A perennial favorite, flowering branches can be transformed into dramatic and beautiful displays. Perfect for tall centerpieces and stunning arbors and chuppuhs, branches are very versatile. However, flowering branches are not one of those options available year-round. I've disappointed too many clients when letting them know they would not have the design of their dreams using flowering pink 'Kanzan' cherry blossoms.

While it may seem trivial to plan your wedding around flower availability it's important to do your research if you have your mind set on a certain design for your big day.

There are some ways to work around the seasons using unique centerpiece alternatives, faux branches etc., but there is nothing quite like the real thing!

- Anne